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Pressing Forward Together During Challenging Times

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Welcome to the George Edgecomb Bar Association

“If Not Us Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?



            Thank you for joining us for another year of the George Edgecomb Bar Association. Founded in 1982, our bar is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the late Honorable George Edgecomb. Our pioneering namesake made history as the first African American judge in Hillsborough County. The history of our membership includes judges of state and federal courts, presidents of bar associations, deans in the realm of legal academia, trailblazers in our community, and positive change agents for our world. As our world prepares for another exciting election year, we will focus our efforts toward educating the community with a better understanding of their voting rights. As attorneys, we are the best equipped to provide the community with the necessary education on changes to Florida voting laws. And we will strive to assist the community by providing it with all the legal information and resources it needs to exercise those rights.  Our theme for this year is “If Not Us Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?

Through our Voter’s Rights Registration and Restoration Initiative, we will strive to educate the citizens of Hillsborough County on understanding their voting rights. To accomplish this goal, GEBA will host a series of educational programs both online and in-person advising citizens on changes to Florida voting rights including voting by mail, changes to voter registration, and important registration deadlines. GEBA will also assist non-partisan organizations currently operating in the voting rights space. This will include working with non-partisan organizations who are assisting citizens with reducing any fees and fines imposed as a part of their sentence where possible. Finally, GEBA will encourage our membership to serve as poll workers and poll watchers at voting polls in Hillsborough County.


We will continue our mission to uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession by providing our members with the resources necessary for professional success. Our programming this year will include courses on a variety of topics including Florida tort reform, mediation tips and strategies, human trafficking laws, and securing clients for business growth. And our award-winning GLE series will continue to provide the community with a basic understanding of legal topics encountered on a daily basis.


At our 41st Annual Scholarship Banquet, we will continue our mission to reward  academic excellence. Our scholarship initiative continues to shatter the financial barriers of generational poverty that would otherwise hinder the dreams of college bound students. The seeds planted through this education initiative have produced first-generation doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, educators, and other professionals who reinforce the critical infrastructure of our community.


            Together, we can ensure that GEBA will remain a vital institution in our community. We invite everyone to join us in our mission of ensuring that GEBA continues to grow as a valuable, honorable, and impactful institution.

Your Servant,

Cornelius C. Demps.

Cornelius C. Demps, Esq., President

The George Edgecomb Bar Association

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