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GEBA Committees


If you are interested in serving on one of GEBA's committees please email the respective Chair or email us at

Banquet Committee

The Banquet Committee coordinates the planning of GEBA’s annual banquet which is held yearly in conjunction with the nationwide celebration of Law Week and is the major source of funding for GEBA’s scholarship program.

Chair: Krystle Cacci

Continuing Legal Education

The Continuing Legal Education Committee plans seminars, speakers, and programs for the primary benefit of GEBA members.




Justin Scott

The Community Legal Assistance Committee coordinates programs by which GEBA can, on a pro bono basis, provide consultation and referral services to the members of the community; coordinates the planning and operation of all community service projects sponsored by GEBA such as mock trial presentations to area students, community forums, seminars, and symposiums.


Chair: OPEN

Community Actions Committee/Legal Redress Workshop
Corporate Partnerships Committee

The Corporate Partnerships Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining GEBA’s relationships with outside business entities for the purpose of creating sponsorships and other beneficial opportunities.c


Chair: OPEN

The Young Lawyers Committee

The Young Lawyers Committee is responsible for planning events for GEBA’s Young Lawyer members.


Chair: OPEN

Law School Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating events at Stetson College of Law and Thomas Cooley College of Law, which are geared toward preparing minority law students for their future employment.


Chair:  Chemere McField

The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee coordinates the planning, review, and overall administration of GEBA’s scholarship program.


Chair: Yohance Pettis

Co-Chair: Chemere McField,

Role Model Committee

The Role Model Committee coordinates the planning and operation of GEBA’s role model program which currently partners with Franklin & Ferrell Middle Schools.


Chair: Joshua Monteiro,                

Solo & Small Firm Committee

The Solo & Small Firm Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating events for GEBA’s solo and small firm members.

Chair: OPEN

Historical Society Committee

The Historical Society Committee is responsible for collecting and compiling GEBA's records from previous years.


Harrison Stanley

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