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Delano S. Stewart Award

All law firms and legal offices are eligible, including private firms, government/public offices, and the corporate sector.  To be eligible, the firm must have at least one office located in Tampa, Florida.  Additionally, the firm must demonstrate a sustained, long term commitment to encouraging and increasing diversity in the legal profession, with a specific focus on recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse attorneys.

An eligible individual lawyer must be admitted in the state of Florida and be practicing in the Tampa Bay area.  The lawyer must be on active status with the bar from any practice setting, including academia, the judiciary, corporate, nonprofit, governmental sectors, etc.  The lawyer must demonstrate a sustained, long term commitment to encouraging, increasing, and/or retaining diversity in the legal profession.  Diversity activities can be performed within the scope of employment or on a voluntary basis.

Additional factors which can be considered in both categories are the development and demonstrated impact of programs or projects that address issues of access and bias in the legal profession, and increase advancement opportunities for lawyers who have been historically underrepresented in a particular job setting or practice area of the legal profession.


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